Here we are in blogland.

Blogland sounds like somewhere with a swamp. One of those deep, sticky things, full of musty old trees and ground-hugging fog. I bet if you sucked blogland dry, you’d find Atreu’s horse. Damn shame about that horse.

Anyway, this is my blog. I am going to use it to discuss the weird stuff that pops into my head. This probably doesn’t sound like a theme now, but just you wait. I have a very obsessive mind, and it runs in tracks.

I really haven’t the time to post anything all that awesome just now. This works out, since I seriously doubt anybody’s reading this anyway. Raise your hand if you are.

<peers into the twilight of blogland>


Really gotta do something about all this fog.

About aahabershaw

Writer, teacher, gaming enthusiast, and storyteller. I write stories, novels, and occasional rants.

Posted on August 19, 2011, in Critiques, Theories, and Random Thoughts. Bookmark the permalink. 4 Comments.

  1. Welcome to the murky mires of blogland, Auston!

  2. Also, yes, poor Artex. That scene still gets me ;(

  3. Apparently the comments I tried to leave before didn’t stick. Stupid iphone interface!

    Anyways, welcome to blogland, Auston! And yes, let’s pour one out for poor Artex… *tear*

  4. Not your fault–mine. I guess the default setting requires me to approve new users before they can comment. Turned that off now. Have at it, universe.

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