It’s CROAK Day!

Judge this book by its cover. Judge it, I say!

A real brief post today:

My friend, Gina Damico, has her debut novel dropping today in bookstores all over the US. It’s called Croak, and it’s a YA Fantasy about teenage grim reapers…and it’s funny. It sounds marvellous, and I’ll be buying my copy today. You should too, if you happen to like fantasy, humor, and snarky teenage protagonists.

You can learn more here, at Gina’s website.  

Also: Congratulations Gina, and good luck!

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Writer, teacher, gaming enthusiast, and storyteller. I write stories, novels, and occasional rants.

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  1. Thank you Auston! 🙂

  2. Don’t mention it!
    (I hope I can ask you to return the favor someday ;))

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