I don’t usually reblog stuff, but I thought this was sufficiently hilarious (and insightful) to earn the right.

Morton and George

This is not a post about the inflation of Hollywood movie length, although The Hobbit (part 1 of 3, mind you) surely fits that trend (and some unfortunate others). If you want that, there are some reviews I can point you to. Instead, this is a necessary corrective to the flawed monetary theories embodied in The Hobbit.

The film opens with a compact 20-minute history of the Dwarvish kingdom of Erebor, a mining city sunk deep into the mountains. The narrator helpfully explains that the city and its neighbors exploded in wealth and prosperity as gold poured bountifully from the ground; beautiful sweeping shots show us implausible mining efforts quarrying deep into the heart of Middle Earth. But then the music, Law-and-Order-like, turns somber as we learn that King Thror grew perniciously greedy, hoarding the gold and refusing to distribute it equally. Naturally, karma, the gods, and the plot…

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