The Icy Pit of Vengeance

This runner has just been knocked over by the blast; these police are there immediately, running headlong into the smoke. May we all be so courageous.

This runner has just been knocked over by the blast; these police are there immediately, running headlong into the smoke. May we all be so courageous.

A tough week to be a Bostonian. To be honest, I don’t really want to talk about it; that’s not what this blog is for. I am angry, though, which makes it hard to do other things. I want revenge; not justice, no, I want revenge. That’s the wrong thing, I know – vengeance solves nothing. Justice, while not a ‘solution’, per se, is something that salves the pain and doesn’t spread it further. It’s an elusive thing, justice; I worry about it’s existence sometimes. It seems a phantom ideal, something which we as a species have fought long and hard to define, and yet have never once agreed upon.

All in all, I find myself thinking back to a post I wrote last July in the wake of the Aurora Colorado shootings. It is both tragic and terrible that I need ever revisit that place, but here we are again. I link to it here because I can’t bring myself to write it again. It’s about geeky stuff, of course (that is what this blog is about), but it’s also about this past Monday at the Boston Marathon and all other days like it. Here:

Superman and Batman

Coincidentally, the trailer for the new Superman movie is up, and it echoes certain sentiments in the article I wrote there. I won’t lie, it made me choke up a bit. We all need a hero like that. I feel fortunate that I live in a city full of them; a city where, when the bombs exploded, more people ran towards the danger than away from it. That is the sentiment I want to hold on to. I want to drown my lust for vengeance in it. As has been said many times, darkness can never drive out the darkness – only the light can do that.

Be safe. Be well. Be good.

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  1. Living just outside of Boston, I’ve had a lot of similar thoughts. It’s far too easy to wish for revenge after something like this, and some of the things I’ve heard from otherwise good people have been truly awful. It may be more difficult, but during times like this it’s all the more important that we remember the difference between revenge and justice, and always strive for the latter (even if it is pretty damn nebulous).

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