Lych (now in revision)

Finished Lych this past Wednesday, so this is the official re-opening of my blogging. I’ll be revising the novel starting in May, but right now I figure I may as well whip up a rough query describing the thing to anyone interested. With luck, you’ll see this book on bookshelves someday.

Med Student Sam Coast knows Dr. Vitaly Khostov has been stealing body parts from cadavers. What Sam doesn’t know is that Khostov is not who he says he is. If Sam were smart, he’d mind his own business and keep his head down in anatomy lab; Sam, though, isn’t all that smart.

The more Sam snoops, the worse his life starts to get. Khostov isn’t just creepy, he’s downright dangerous. He might be ex-KGB, he might be a sorcerer, or he might not even be alive. Whatever he is, Sam has accidentally blown Khostov’s cover and, in the process, made himself a target. Next thing Sam knows, he’s being threatened by Khostov, followed by the FBI, and chased by monsters. Sam has to decide whether he can trust the creepy little Russian ‘sorcerer’ in the old suit: Is he a monster? Is he a friend? Is he even human? Whatever he is, Sam knows that sticking to Khostov, for better or for worse, is the only chance he has to survive.

Lych (85,700 words) is a supernatural thriller currently under revision that follows both the exploits of Sam Coast and chronicles the plight of Vitaly Khostov that led him to America, taking the reader from the Battle of Stalingrad to the gulags of Siberia to the streets of Boston’s South End.

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