Prepare Thyself for the Blog-Tempest!

You heard me: NO EXCUSES!

You heard me: NO EXCUSES!

Hey! YOU! You in the back! Guess what?


<cue party horns>

That’s right, kiddos! THE IRON RING – book one in the Saga of the Redeemed – is coming to an near you! Even better, it’s an e-book exclusive release, which means no matter how much snow is on the ground, you can still buy my book, curl up with it, and read until summer (at which point there will be ANOTHER BOOK!). As you can see, I’ve literally thought of everything.

Blog Tour Away!

Also, beginning on Tuesday, I will be going on a virtual tour of the inter-tubes, sharing my writing wisdom and pithy observations with the virtual world at large. Of course you, dear readers and closest allies, will be able to read it all from the comfort of this familiar website, since I will link all said blogs

Just imagine this, but with a head.

Just imagine this, but with a head.

and interviews to this very place. So, if you aren’t tired of me jabbering yet, I will see if two weeks of non-stop yammering about myself will cure you of that particular malady.

Anyway, I stand to be super-extra-fancy busy over the next few weeks, so those interviews and blog-posts are all you’re likely to see of me. So, until I check in again: buy my book! Read it! LOVE IT!

Wish me luck, folks – this is it! I’ve been waiting for this moment my entire life, so here’s hoping I don’t screw it up now!

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Writer, teacher, gaming enthusiast, and storyteller. I write stories, novels, and occasional rants.

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  1. Best of luck on your release! I’m adding it to my to-read list!

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