Writers of the Future Story Sample: “Twelve Minutes to Vinh Quang”

The Writers of the Future Volume 31 Anthology releases a week from today (May the 4th! Star Wars day! How appropriate!). In that antho, you will find my story, but you will also find stories from a number of extremely talented new writers as well as stories and essays from the likes of Larry Niven, Kevin J Anderson, Rebecca Moesta, and Orson Scott Card.

One of my fellow winners is the talented Tim Napper (or TR Napper, which I think is his preferred nom de plume). Tim writes what he calls “neo noir,” but might also be called cyberpunk. In any event, what he writes is breathlessly cool and edgy near-future scifi set mostly in Australia, Vietnam, and the Pacific region. You will all dig it, I promise. Treat yourself below to a dramatic reading of the first few paragraphs of his award-winning story, “Twelve Minutes to Vinh Quang.”

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