The time is now!

The time is now!

Writers of the Future Volume 31 is here! Thirteen of the best new writers in the field of Scifi and Fantasy – go check it out! Get your copy now!

“Unrefined” by Martin Shoemaker

“Unrefined” tells what happens to a visionary project when the visionary dies, and his widow and his best friend must bring his dream to life before their colony starves.

“Poseidon’s Eyes” by Kary English

In a sleepy California beach town, spirits magnify both the good and the evil in human hearts.

“The God Whisperer” by Dan Davis

Personalities clash when an ancient god becomes dependent on a modern man.

“The Graver” by Amy Hughes

In ‘The Graver’, the neighbors want to take your life. But only because they need it, to take your soul.

And more, more more!

Check it out, folks!

(and now I will return to my regular posting habits. Thanks so much for all your support and, seriously, go and buy the book. You’re going to be seeing these people’s names again!)

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