Things are Nuts; Please Stand By

Hi, everybody!

crazyThings have been quiet here this week. Sorry about that – I’ve been a little busy. Just a little update:

  • Both book signings last week were successes! I sold about thirty books at each event, which ain’t too bad considering nobody knows who the hell I am.
  • I’m scrambling to get ready to edit No Good Deed, the next book in the Saga of the Redeemed. Little Known Fact: you can’t edit your book until you read it again with fresh eyes. Slightly Lesser Known Fact: Reading anything other than student papers during the semester is very, very challenging.
  • Oh, right – the semester. I am currently buried beneath a self-refreshing pile of Freshman Comp papers. It is my Sisyphisian task each Fall, Winter, and Spring. For those of you keeping score, I read and grade approximately 2400 pages of student work each semester. I know.
  • Heading down to New York City this weekend to go to a ComiCon event sponsored by my publisher. I will finally be meeting my editor in person, it seems. Exciting times!
  • I was just offered a membership at the World Fantasy Convention in November. Trying to figure out the logistics needed to go. If you plan on going too, drop me a line, won’t you?

And, of course, there’s always managing my short fiction submissions, talking to my wife, playing with my kids, and eating and sleeping and such. Folks, these are the things they don’t tell you about when you set out to have a writing career. Things get nuts.

I promise to make more time for the blogging next week. Scout’s honor.

Yes, I was actually a boy scout.


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