Nyxos: The Things of the World

There are but three things in the lands of Nyxos:

The Sea Beneath,

Sky Above, Land Between.

There are but three creatures: Gods, Men, and Beasts.

Those who live are New Men, humans, born of

what was, inheritors of what is now.

19573_fantasy_knights_vs_monstersThe Birth of the New World

For ages long and in time now long lost,

When Gods dwelled in vaulted sky halls. Proudly

they stained the Earth with their bloody wars and

the Sea grew crimson and the Land barren.

Dusty bone fell upon the mountains black,

and fields howled empty.


She of the Earth wept bitter tears for

those children lost to the petty duels

among brother and sister, Gods and Men.

“This cannot stand, this warring state above!

Go forth, my Sons, seek aid for us in deep

places, where no god nor man hath tread.”


And so her son, the Lord of Secrets, found

a deep well, beneath Sea and Land alike.

Whispers into dark places set free

the wild forces of madness and chaos.

Gods and Men turned their arms to the new foes,

But She of Earth had loosed a fire too mighty.

The Gods burned.


The Citadel, beacon bright and high,

could not stand before the raging blaze.

The chaos would consume the world entire.

Mountains flowed like wax, the sea seethed,

The stars fell.


The Citadel was left as madness howled,

and the last God spoke a curse to avenge

his end and the ends of all of his kind.

“Let my tower burn for half of all time,

Let my gate stand empty the rest,

and so let the world know what it

once had and now has lost forever.”

With his spear, he clove through the Citadel,

and the Chaos was dismayed.


The treasures of the gods fell down to Earth,

into the well of fire Secrets had tapped.

Sealing the world, saving it, even as

it died away.


In time the Age of Men arose amid

the ruins of the Gods and Elder races.

The Tower still burns above every day,

The Gate glows empty each and every night,

And the peace of death descends upon all.


Save in dreams, where bloody battles old,

are fought in sleep by wretched mortals frail,

to caution Men of how they may yet fail.


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Writer, teacher, gaming enthusiast, and storyteller. I write stories, novels, and occasional rants.

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