Read “Applied Linguistics” in this month’s Analog Science Fiction and Fact

Hi, everybody!

I’ve got a new story out! Check out “Applied Linguistics” in the Jan/Feb 2019 issue of Analog! It’s available online or in print form, and I’m pretty damned proud of it – it’s about language and learning and how cultural context can change, inform, or even create behavior and self-knowledge. And shape-shifting aliens on alien prison planets, so that’s cool, too!

There are a lot of other very cool stories by very talented authors in there, too. I especially liked “Ring Wave” by Tom Jolly and Adam-Troy Castro’s latest Draiken tale was a lot of fun. Check it out – you won’t regret it!

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  1. Thanks for providing the link to your site at the end of “applied linguistics”. I enjoyed the story! Good stretch for imagination. Also appreciate your review of Fargo, above. (th)

  2. Sounds interesting. Will definitely check it out!

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    If you’re an applied linguist and you enjoy science fiction, you might want to check out this month’s issue of Analog: Science Fiction and Fact.

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