NEW STORY OUT! Read “Planned Obsolescence” in the May ’23 Galaxy’s Edge


I’ve got another story out, this time in Galaxy’s Edge.

The story is “Planned Obsolescence,” which is the latest in my series of linked scifi short stories about a shape-shifting assassin named Faceless and its adventures in a distant expanse of space known as “The Union of Stars.” This time Faceless finds itself on the subterranean planet of Sadura and is negotiating a kill-for-hire job with the local intelligent species – giant spider-aliens known as the “Quinix.”

This will be my third (and final) story in this magazine, as this is their last issue. I’m sorry to see it go, but it’s clearly going out with a bang (look at that Table of Contents! Wow!). The cool thing is that, for a limited time, you can read most of the stories in the issue (including mine) for free! Just go there and check it all out! You won’t be disappointed.

For those of you who are active fans of the Faceless stories (3 in Analog so far with one coming, 1 on Escape Pod), this one was actually written before all of the ones that have been featured in Analog but is chronologically latest – this shows us Faceless not in its early career, but much further along, after Ada and Faceless have been partners for some time. I hope you enjoy it, and do go out and buy the magazine and give them a good send-off as they transition into an anthology model (which I hope I get to contribute to, as well!).

Many thanks to Lezli Robyn and the editors at Galaxy’s Edge and the team over at Arc Manor publishing for putting this issue together. Mike Resnick would be proud!

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