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News from the Writing Front

So, I got an e-mail yesterday from a publisher I’d sent my manuscript to. The editor was intrigued and wants to see the full thing. This is incrediblyawesome news. I spent a good ten minutes flexing like a professional wrestler in my apartment after reading the e-mail. The Macho Man would have been proud.

Rest in Peace, dude

What is even more incredible is that I have now sent or pitched this novel to three different publishers in the past two years, and all three of them have expressed interest and requested the full manuscript or a significant chunk of it. This tells me, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that I have a very solid idea for this book and that my query and first chapter are pretty damned solid.

Just to put into a bit of perspective for you non-writer folks how big a deal this is, consider the following:

1) The vast majority of humanity can’t even write a novel.

2) Of those few who can write novels, about 90% of them are utterly, soul-destroyingly terrible (sorry, humanity, but you know it’s true).

3) Of those which aren’t terrible, a very large chunk of those never get past the query stage because, while they aren’t terrible, they also aren’t all that great.

I have now consistently made it past the query stage–very, very good sign. I, of course, am on step 4 of what is probably a 50 step journey to actual publication, but considering just how huge those first three steps are, I am very, very pleased.

With a little luck, a LOT of work, and a good chunk of determination, you folks will be able to read The Rubric of All Things yet.